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The Diana Jones Award 2013

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The Winner

The 2012 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming has been given to TableTop, a web series created by Wil Wheaton.

There was an unusually strong field to choose from this year, and the committee would like to thank the community for making our job harder by producing so very much excellence.

The Diana Jones Award committee is pleased to announce that this year's winner of the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming is TableTop, a web series created by Wil Wheaton and produced by Geek 'n' Sundry. The committee specifically recognizes the inestimable Wil Wheaton as the critical element in TableTop. Mr. Wheaton is not only executive producer, host, and co-creator, but this show would not be what it is without his genuine enthusiasm for tabletop games and the depth of his gaming "street cred" within the grass roots of the hobby gaming community.

TableTop is a web series in which each episode features a tabletop game that Wheaton explains how to play by showing us the game in action, often with the assistance of the game's designer and participation of celebrities who enjoy games.

Some quotes from Diana Jones Award Committee members:

"TableTop is well done, original, surprisingly successful, and has unilaterally helped our industry more than perhaps anything in the last 10 years."

"TableTop has brought a new energy and humour to the board-game field. Its blend of good humor and gameplay is pitch-perfect and has introduced a range of titles from modern classics to indie RPGs to thousands of new players. The games hobby could not want a better public face than Wil Wheaton."

"...having been on the show, I was stunned by the crew's professionalism, passion, and sheer hard work. Their love of gaming is real and palpable."

"The impact TableTop has had on our industry cannot be overstated. At the moment, there simply is no greater advocate nor ambassador for gaming."

"TableTop's ability to get games in front of a huge audience will result in more people playing games, and an expansion of the group of people who identify as gamers."

"In a world where cultural infrastructure is collapsing, TableTop brings star power, love for the form, and technical excellence to the task of building some more of it."

It is the opinion of the Diana Jones Award Committee, that TableTop exemplifies excellence in gaming, and we are proud to award it our trophy for this year.