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The Diana Jones Award 2011

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The Winner

The 2011 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming has been given to Fiasco, a roleplaying game by Jason Morningstar.

With Fiasco, Morningstar continues to break ground in tackling a roleplayer’s dream: a satisfying story-telling experience that requires no preparation or GM. When Jason released Grey Ranks in 2008, which also won the Diana Jones Award, he proved the model's worth and was recognized for having nailed it. But with Fiasco, he took this great foundation pioneered in Grey Ranks to the next level.

Fiasco is roleplaying stripped down to sheer elegance, to virtually zero ramp-up time. The notion of playing ambitious crooks with poor impulse control — inspired by a host of movies like Fargo or Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels — is both inspiring and immensely replayable. But the real genius of Fiasco over Grey Ranks is that now you can enjoy it in almost any setting you like. It's supported with ongoing free website posts of playsets of the month, and it inspires fans to create and post playsets of their own.

It is the opinion of the Diana Jones Award Committee, that Fiasco exemplifies excellence in gaming, and we are proud to award it our trophy for this year.