The Diana Jones Award

The Diana Jones Award is an annual award created to publicly acknowledge excellence in gaming. The award was first made for the year 2000, and the first award ceremony was on August 4, 2001.

The Diana Jones Award 2010

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The Award Ceremony

The winner of the 2010 Diana Jones Award was announced on the evening of Wednesday 4th August, at the annual Diana Jones Award and Freelancer Party in Indianapolis, the unofficial start of the Gen Con Indy games convention.

As one of the few publicly known members of the Diana Jones Award committee, Matt Forbeck revealed this year’s winners before the packed house. Derk Selko accepted the award and made a short acceptance speech on behalf of himself and Scott Alden. Afterward, the celebration continued into the night.

Many thanks to the sponsors of this year’s ceremony: Adamant Entertainment, Anthony Gallela, Conan Properties/Paradox Entertainment, Dwarven Forge, Eden Studios, ElfinWerks, Matt Forbeck, Gen Con, ProFantasy and Pelgrane Press, Ryan Macklin, Janice Sellers/Sellers Editorial Services, Super Genius Games,, Paul Tevis, and War Pig Radio.