The Diana Jones Award

The Diana Jones Award is an annual award created to publicly acknowledge excellence in gaming. The award was first made for the year 2000, and the first award ceremony was on August 4, 2001.

The Diana Jones Award 2002

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The Nominees

The committee considered a list of almost fifty nominations for the second annual Diana Jones Award. The following four (in alphabetical order) made the shortlist:


by Michal Oracz
Published by Portal Publishing, Poland
(Available in English as part of Hogshead Publishing’s New Style Games line)

Out of Poland comes a roleplaying game that expands the definition of what a roleplaying game is, and what an RPG rulebook is. This free-form, Lovecraftian game runs by correspondence. Rather than adapting tabletop RPGing to play-by-mail, De Profundis re-invents the roleplaying form to match correspondence-style play.


By Robin Laws, John Snead and Peter Freeman
Published by Pelgrane Press

The Dying Earth RPG captures the spirit of Jack Vance’s tales of rogues and charlatans, makes their often arcane world accessible to novices, and translates them into a sublimely enjoyable gaming experience. The game succeeds on all levels, with its beautifully presented and atmospheric book, its innovative and easily understood game system, and the pleasure it takes in its subject.


Robin D. Laws is one of the games industry’s most respected designers, and one of its most prolific. Whether he is presenting a completely new approach to roleplay (Rune; Pantheon) or an RPG version of an existing genre or canon (Feng Shui; Hero Wars; Dying Earth), his attention to detail, finesse and understanding of readers’ needs have put him at the head of his field.


by Ron Edwards
Published by Adept Press

Fresh, mathematically honest, direct, and patently concerned with good game-play, Sorcerer is a marvel of RPG game design. First self-published online for as a for-sale PDF, Sorcerer—together with its creator and publisher Ron Edwards—represent the potential of the independent innovator in today’s RPG industry. Now available in hard cover, Sorcerer stands above competitors in elegance and intelligence.